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Science ignores predictions.... Warnings go unheeded!

This could be YOUR city!  Sparkling one moment, shaking like hell, the next!


       For many years, I could not explain the sudden sensitivity that would grip me at a moments' notice.  No matter where I was... at home, in a crowd of people, at work... when the 'vibe' came, it always stopped me in my tracks and I wondered what it meant.  One afternoon, it happened during a calm walk in the park.  Unlike other times, when I had been distracted by my surroundings, I stopped and closed my eyes to become more aware.  To my amazement, I heard the words: "China.  7.2" There was a shrill ringing in my left ear, and a 'hollow' sound.  I knew that I had linked with something important.  Carefully, I noted the time, date, and prediction that a major 7.2 earthquake would occur in China.  I was astounded two days later when I heard on the news that China had had a 7.2 earthquake!  From then on, I carefully documented these 'vibes'.  At first, I had my friends, business acquaintances, and anyone else who would listen, (witnesses), sign and date them.  Later, I began reporting them to local television and radio stations to satisfy those of a more skeptical nature!  Eventually, I found that reporting them to the United States Geological Survey, (U.S.G.S.), was in everyone's best interest.  Even though I managed to obtain documented proof in the form of congratulations from Cal Tech, Southern California, I was disappointed to find out that no warning could be given due to the understandable fact that panic would ensue.


       In an effort to perfect my predictions, I now use a compass, and try to locate the direction of each 'vibe'.  I find, however, that the compass direction varies in relation to the world map, leaving a margin of error.  The more I learn, the more difficult it becomes to predict exactly where it would happen!  One thing that remains constant is that a major earthquake always happens within 2 to 14 days.  Many of my most devastating and accurate predictions have centered in Japan.  Since I live on the west coast, it is my opinion that I receive these vibes much stronger because of the ocean, and not the vibrations of a busy land between myself and the event.  Other parts of the world sound differently, (the pitch of the vibration is somewhat lower in frequency), and the distance is harder to discern.  I have heard scientists claim to know where the next major earthquake will occur, but they keep insisting that they don't know when!  May I be of service? 


       To be completely honest, I really do not know!  Being a true believer in fate, I continue to be optimistic that someday I may be able to help in some way.  It is my hope that a scientific method will be discovered to accurately measure the 'vibes' that I get.   In the meantime, I will continue to persevere with my own theories and wait! If you would like to read a fascinating book that covers earthquake prediction, including those of Calico, you can find it here: The Man who Predicts Earthquakes. 


       Recently, it has come to my attention that scientists have found a way to measure these 'vibes'.  They call them ELF (extremely low frequency) electromagnetic vibrations.  On June 30, 2003, Quake Watch, a company who is combining their research of earthquakes with Stanford University in Palo Alto, California, sent up a satellite to monitor these ELF vibrations on the San Andreas Fault in hopes of early detection of earthquake activity.  They have a very interesting web site. 

If you would like to learn more about their research, please click on the link below. (Please BOOKMARK this page to return to Calico’s website)


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