“The gift of psychic awareness can be applied in all aspects of life…”

There are many beneficial uses for paranormal abilities in the field of investigations, most notably in the criminal arena. Although there are many other situations in which the use of paranormal sensitivity can be of great value, none exceeds the criminal aspect in that it is the only field where stealth and secrecy will ultimately prevail. And even though its use in the courtroom leaves a lot to be desired, no one can argue the fact that once a criminal is caught, that crime ends. Psychic ability can lead to the location and arrest of perpetrators and most importantly, it can lead to the proof that will put them away for their crimes. Serial killers can be tracked and found before yet another murder is committed. Kidnappers and child abusers can be found and stopped, hopefully in time to save the victim. If a perpetrator is known, his thoughts can be accessed and with this information, he will lead police to his own meeting place.


I could go on and on about the benefits of remote viewing, telepathy, psychic ability, kinesiology, and clairvoyance, etc, but it all boils down to this: The fact of the matter is that most police and law enforcement agencies would rather ‘solve’ the crime the old fashion way (or not), rather than spend some serious time with a person of paranormal abilities in a situation that they deem a “wild goose chase”. It has been said of these ‘super people’ that they are ‘vague… too obvious… fakes… etc.’ (Sometimes, this is sadly the case). However, in spite all of this bad publicity, there are some very credible and talented individuals out there who deserve recognition for their achievements and respect for what they do. But instead, they continue to be scoffed at and ridiculed. Another reason for this is because of what the word ‘paranormal’ itself implies. All too often when a psychic gets involved in an investigation, there is mounting pressure from skeptics to perform miracles, adding even more stress and making them even less likely to perform well at all. Of course, it is then that the ‘audience’ gets its biggest laugh.


All this forthcoming, what needs to be done is to give the psychics their just due. They deserve the utmost respect in their sincere attempts to help make this world a better place. What they do requires years of selfless dedication to a belief system only themselves and their peers can begin to understand. If you think stress accompanies your job, spend a day with a real psychic! Also, for the benefit of all, I would like to mention here that most times, a psychic works from the mind, but often being at the scene or being accompanied by a law enforcement officer in their pursuit of a lead is the only way to ‘solve’ a crime and most agencies do not offer that kind of assistance to persons claiming to be psychic. By the way, most of the time, psychics do all this for free! Someday in the future, perhaps we will be better understood and less feared, not to mention, less joked about. For it is when we are taken seriously that we do our best! Looking to the future, it would be ideal if every law enforcement agency had an office with a sign on the door that read: Paranormal Department.  


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