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Born in Concord, New Hampshire, my first years were filled with fun in the snow and total innocence of the inflamed world around me.  By the time I moved to California, my awareness had grown to include social surroundings and curiosity about the relationships of those closest to me.  School proved to be a test of my own strengths of character and personal identity.  I soon learned that I possessed the unusual and sometimes, annoying gift of 'knowing' what others were thinking.  Unlike others, I harbored a secret yearning to remain individual; disliked the thought of joining groups; and detested popular notions. This soon became an obsession and I found myself looking inward for approval.  As with others who have retreated, creativity began to bloom!

Breaking Free!

By graduation, (from an all girl parochial school), I had completed six years of classical trumpet for which I was richly rewarded. Not only was I elected band president, but also given the honor of a music scholarship in one of the best colleges in the West - which I refused in exchange for my freedom from what was becoming an intolerable situation at home. I found myself immersed in writing poetry.  Altogether, I gathered an impressive collection of sage expressions, often combining a cauldron of emotions with at least one line of wisdom!  Relationships were often the soul of my writings.

How it started...

During my first few years of independence, I relied heavily on my favorite deck of cards that I kept in a drawer by my bed.  The words of my grandmother, who had taught me to read the cards, echoed in my ears..."The cards never lie!"  Day after day, year after year, I found this to be the truth!  In the apartment building where I lived, the word quickly spread that I could read the cards.  My doorbell would ring at all hours with residents who had pressing questions.  What I had always taken for granted was found to be amazing by all those who sought my advice.  It was fun at first, but soon became an invasion of my fragile privacy.  I longed for peace and found it in the great mountains and rivers nearby, almost every weekend!

Becoming aware…

For many years, I worked as a bookbinder, (my father's trade), finally engaging in my own business which I proudly maintained for 18 years.  During this time, I got married and gave birth to two wonderful children.  When life became complex or confusing, I often had major dreams that explained or condoned my situation.  I carefully kept journals in which I recorded not only the dream but also the questions and answers that the dreams had addressed.  Later, I gained courage from their interpretations and prophecies. I read many books on the dreaming mind and came to the conclusion that I truly had a gift for understanding and solving some of life�s biggest problems!

Trial and Success!

The subconscious mind continued to intrigue me.  After devouring a library of books on the subject, I began to test myself.  First, with auto-suggestion, then with hypnosis, astral travel, and finally, the most amazing 'experiments' with remote viewing!  The results were so conclusive that I began to feel confident about my 'ability'.  At every opportunity, I tested what I 'knew'.  The more I tried, the better the results became!


I believe that Einstein's theory of relativity applies not only to matter but also to us!  I am convinced that much more is yet unknown!  I also believe that each of us has a natural ability to perceive in different ways, and that if we would develop that ability, each and every one of us would reach our highest potential. I am a psychic counselor and have helped many people straighten out their lives and move on to a brighter future, ultimately teaching them how to grow their own ‘gift’ of psychic awareness. It is my hope that this enhancement of the soul will ultimately benefit the world and all its inhabitants.

The Future!

As I continue to develop my 'gift', I seek avenues of useful expression with it.  My quest will never end, nor will it end with me.  There are many out there with the same limitless curiosity that has engulfed me.  I hope that someday, my 'gift' will become common among the majority of people... that they will use it, not for selfish purposes, but to heal the wounds of a flailing planet... and that enlightenment will become the center of a highly motivated and spiritually cultivated society.

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