ANSWER: Accurately describing a remote location without physically being there!


The Latest in Spy Tactics!

 For thousands of years select individuals have been able to focus on remote targets, and provide an amazingly clear description of what they 'saw' there.  These able minded few have come to be known as "remote viewers".  In our society, they have been used as 'spies' for the CIA, gleaning a wealth of knowledge on weapons, technology, and intelligence.  Also known as Stargate, this group of specially trained people would target Soviet projects, collecting valuable information.  During the Gulf War, these same remote viewers unanimously identified the burning of oil fields as a disguise for the placement of chemical weapons placed downwind of these intentionally set fires. Due to the obvious ramifications of such knowledge, this government program was promptly disbanded shortly after the war.  However, many of the secret government documents have now been released to the public. For more information on Stargate you can read books written by the remote viewers themselves!   Miracles of Mind by Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.

Practical Uses For Remote Viewing

For all practical purposes, remote viewing can be used in any situation requiring instant knowledge about a person, place, or thing.  With the proper training, almost anyone can become a remote viewer with varying degrees of success.  It is not necessary to possess psychic abilities in order to do remote viewing.  On the contrary, the gift of insight can sometimes cloud your vision.  Remote viewing can be learned best by experience!  As with all great accomplishments, a great deal of patience, an even greater will to succeed, and a positive attitude are the major ingredients needed to master this incredible talent!  Once learned, many doors will open up to you.  Many choices will present themselves to your conscience that will require careful consideration before acting upon them.  The greater the gift, the more responsible your choices must become.  For it is in being that we are!  And it is in seeing that we ultimately understand!







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